VRBO Changes The World (NYC Edition)

I’ve written before about VRBO, the website that allows you to find rental properties in faraway locations and deal directly with the owner in making arrangements.  We used it to book a terrific apartment in Paris, where Richard and I had a fabulous time staying in a residential neighborhood and enjoying the rhythms of Parisian life, away from the touristy hotel districts.

I’m happy to report that VRBO works just as well in New York City.  We used the website to arrange for a three-bedroom apartment in this fine apartment building along Riverside Drive near the Columbia University campus.  The apartment is surprisingly roomy, offers some excellent views of Riverside Park and the Hudson River, and is conveniently located near a red line subway stop and grocery store.  In short, it has all of the attributes we have come to expect from VRBO — and our rental apartment is a lot cheaper than renting hotel rooms for the four of us.

Obviously, I am a big fan of VRBO.

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