Curse Of The Corn Dog — A Poem

Yesterday, Michele Bachmann ended her campaign after a bad showing in Iowa.  In reality, she was doomed as soon as she violated a cardinal rule of politics — she was photographed eating a corn dog.  It’s no surprise that Rick Perry, who also has violated that rule, has struggled to attract votes, too.

I’m sure Bachmann rues the day she was tempted by the fatal foodstuff.  In recognition of the end of her campaign, I composed the following verse:

Curse Of The Corn Dog

O!  Curs’d dog, covered in corn

I ate you once, now I’m forlorn

My photograph, with mouth agape,

Became the stuff of cruel jape

The image stuck, was not forgotten

And led to thoughts much misbegotten

I broke the rule of campaign decorum

If only I had been Santorum!

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