Capitalism 101

Let’s see:  Mitt Romney discusses health insurance and says he likes to being able to fire people who provide services for him . . . and his Republican opponents say that makes him a heartless bastard?  I know that politics involves a lot of silliness, but this latest tempest in a teapot is ridiculous.

In case people are confused about this, it bears repeating that we live in a capitalistic society.  Being able to fire somebody who doesn’t perform to your satisfaction is a crucial part of what makes capitalism work.  Companies and individuals who provide services better and cheaper please their customers and succeed; those that don’t fail.

We don’t live in a system where you have to use the government-designated plumber no matter how inept or inattentive he or she might be.  If somebody does a crummy job for us, we have the right and freedom to fire them and find somebody else.  My guess, too, is that many of us have known co-workers who were lazy, disruptive, or incompetent and who fully deserved to get the axe — and we realized that our workplace was much improved after they hit the road.

I’m hoping this snit is just desperate posturing by people who know better but just need some excuse to rip the front-runner and stop the Romney Inevitability Express.  The alternative scenario — that we are so ossified in our entitlement mindset that now even Republicans act like a job is a sacred right and that firing someone is a gross breach of societal norms — is just too discouraging to contemplate.  If even Republicans don’t understand how free market capitalism works at its most basic levels, we’re worse off than I feared.


3 thoughts on “Capitalism 101

  1. I think this is just posturing. Some of Romney’s Republican rivals are, I think, a little frustrated by their inability to capitalize on their more social conservative “street cred,” and are therefore looking for any line of attack. Given what Romney actually said, I find this development odd, particularly in light of the fact that it is coming from the right. I don’t think it’s a sign of the coming Apocalypse for the capitalist system. I think instead it’s a sign of the having-already-come Apocalypse for the quality of American political discourse.


  2. In many instances the slackers who do not perform receive unemployment when they’re canned. It’s called “work” for a reason.

    Disclaimer- still do not like Romney.

    Been noticing a lot of references to F&L ’72, thanks for the recommendation.


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