The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

The white stuff is here!  The white stuff is here!

Today, when the old boring guy took me for a walk, the white stuff was on the ground.  I love it when the white stuff is on the ground.  I see tracks, and I stick my nose down deep into the track.  The smells are sharp and strong down in there.

Boy, are those smells good!  I take a deep sniff, and I can tell just who has been by.  Usually I get the white stuff on my nose when I do this.  That is good, too.  I lick my nose and eat the white stuff.  It tastes cold and clean.  It is not as good as food, but not bad!

When the white stuff is on the ground, I want to stop and smell everything.  Every track.  Every tree.  Every sign.  Every bush.  For some reason, this makes the old boring guy mad.  What is his problem?


Snowing, Blowing, Drifting

It’s been a mild winter so far, but last night the weather turned.  By this morning we had snow on the ground, more is falling, and a sharp wind is pushing the snow into drifts and turning the falling snow into little cutting blades that prick your face as you walk.  It’s not great weather for us glasses wearers.

This is a day to leave early, take it easy on the roads, and hope that school cancellations reduce the traffic flow.  The first snowy commute is always an unwelcome adventure.