Huntsman Off The Trail

Today, Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination for President and endorsed Mitt Romney.  It’s not exactly an earth-shaking development.

Huntsman was remarkable mostly because he was the only Republican in the field who really never had his moment in the limelight.  In a year when many Republicans seem to be looking for an alternative to Mitt Romney, no one really ever looked Huntsman’s way.  He never made an impact in the debates, he never caught fire in the opinion polls, and he therefore never had the chance to crash and burn like other candidates in the field.  After spending lots of time and money in New Hampshire, he finished a limp third.  No wonder he decided to toss in the towel.

I doubt if Huntman’s endorsement of Mitt Romney will influence many voters.  The main impact of Huntsman’s departure will be to eliminate another podium and another suit from the stage during those interminable Republican debates.  For that, at least, American voters can be grateful.

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