Death Of The iMac

Yesterday, I got the bad news that I feared — the resolute iMac, faithful blogging friend and desktop companion, has permanently given up the ghost.

Earlier this week the iMac screen went opaque.  I turned it off, hoping it was just a rebooting issue, but I couldn’t turn it back on.  Yesterday I took it to the Apple store and the blue-shirted folks at the Genius Bar opened it up.  It was weird seeing the iMac with its innards exposed — like being present in the operating room when a family member is getting an appendix removed.

The Geniuses took one look, saw that the capacitors were blown out, and advised, with appropriate respect and regret, that nothing could be done.  Our iMac is so old — or, as one of the Apple Geniuses said, “vintage” — that they don’t even make replacement capacitors for it anymore.  We removed the hard drive so that I can try to retrieve stuff from our iPhoto and iTunes folders, closed it up, and I carefully carried it back to the car.

The demise of the iMac leaves a physical void on the desktop in our study, and I think wistfully of its 8+ years of steady reliability and service.  But life goes on.  I’d welcome any suggestions from readers about Apple desktops that can fill the void and try to fill the big shoes left by the iMac.

3 thoughts on “Death Of The iMac

  1. If you are looking for a desktop model, Mrs. N has an Apple iMac 27″ 3.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 (assuming I transcribed her “gibberish” properly). Available also in a 21″ model, and with wired or wireless keyboard. If you have Wi-Fi, she also recommends getting an Apple TV box (around $100? and no bigger than a wallet). Apple TV allows you to stream Netflicks, YouTube, and play your music, videos, and slideshows directly from your computer on to your TV. The Geniuses will, no doubt, be able to give a more cogent explanation.

    No “Ode to the iMac”? Good luck, and happy shopping!!!


  2. You might like the iMac 12-1 OS X Version 10.6.8. The screen is HUGE, for older eyes, and I LOVE it. I encourage you to invest in the Passport external drive so you don’t lose anything important, especially the “Odes”!


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