Halftime In America? (II)

As I suspected, the Clint Eastwood “Halftime in America” commercial for Chrysler that aired during last night’s Super Bowl turned out to be quite controversial.

This AP article discusses some of the reaction to the ad from various points on the political spectrum and quotes Eastwood as saying the ad was not intended to be political, but rather just about job growth and the spirit of America.

Interestingly, some people apparently construed the ad to be a pro-President Obama endorsement of the federal government bailout of Chrysler and GM.  I guess I’m just dense, but I didn’t get that message if it was intended.  In fact, if I were the President I don’t think I would want that ad, with its emphasis on tough times and America needing to come from behind, to be associated with me.  If President Obama wants to highlight what he considers to be positive accomplishments during his term, you’d think he would be able to come up with a better subject than poor, broke, decimated Detroit.

2 thoughts on “Halftime In America? (II)

  1. Bob — I think the point in Obama’s favor is that Detroit and much of the Midwest would be much worse off had the government not stepped in and given a hand up to the auto industry.

    I fear the lack of manufacturing base becomes a national security issue for the U.S. I’m sure you recall that Detroit was critical in WWII as the engine for the arsenal of democracy.

    With an acendent auto industry, Detroit has an opportunity to get back on its feet. The auto industry that drives Detroit, has suffered many straight jabs to the head and a number of rib-busting body blows…most self-inflicted. Not just a single punch as Mayor Eastwood alludes.

    The Halftime in America ad was inspirational for me. I purchased a “IFD” t-shirt from the Chrysler website to show my support for the Motor City.

    Pls see Private Message sent via Facebook.


  2. What I found really interesting today was all of the Republican pundints who thought this was pro-Obama ad. I saw it a very optimistic, It is an “America we did it before and we can do it again” type of an ad. I think the reason it struck these Republicans as an Obama ad is because he has an optimistic message and they are trying to sell pessimism. Romney has said many times that Obama has made things worse. The only chance they have of winning in November is if voters believe that America is in decline. So anything that is optimistic goes against their message.
    Dan, a Buckeye fan in South Florida (I grew up in Columbus)


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