Dipping My Toe In The Twitterverse

I’ve heard about Twitter for months, but I’ve never been tempted to join in — until now.

Perhaps it’s because I just don’t get it.  With all of the social media, networking, and connectedness that already exists, why is another form of computer/smartphone-based interaction needed?  Haven’t we covered the waterfront already?

Plus, Twitter seems so self-consciously new wave — almost like it’s an inside joke being played on the world.  Tell us where you are and what you’re doing at any given moment, but use only 140 characters!  Follow friends and celebrities as they go about their humdrum lives!  The fact that a Twitter message is called a “tweet” just heightens my lack of enthusiasm.  It’s too painfully cute for my tastes.

But now I’ve learned that some people I actually am interested in following have Twitter accounts and, at least occasionally, may say something worth hearing.  So, I’ve joined Twitter, and I’m going to follow them.  Does that make me a Twit?

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