Following The Kidney Chain

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are wonderful people living in the world.  It’s great when you are reminded that the world is filled with decent, kind people who will help you if they possibly can.

Consider the story of the longest recorded organ donation chain, which just ended.  It began when a Good Samaritan from California named Rick Russamenti decided to donate one of his kidneys to help a stranger.  His kidney went to a New Jersey man whose family wanted to donate one of their kidneys but did not have an appropriate match — so a family member donated a kidney to go a stranger instead, and the chain began.  Thereafter, over four months and 11 states, the chain cross-crossed the United States, and 30 patients received kidneys from 30 living donors.  The chain ended only when the last kidney recipient had no family or friends who could make a donation.

It’s hard to think of many acts more selfless than donating a kidney to a stranger, because you never know when you might need that kidney yourself.  The fact that 30 people were willing to do so says something heart-warming about modern America.

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