The Ritter Public Library

Ohio is blessed with many great libraries.  Most of the small towns in the Buckeye state can boast of a library that has plenty of books, internet terminals, free wi-fi, and helpful, enthusiastic librarians who don’t even shush you.

Many libraries in small-town Ohio are Carnegie libraries, built through the generosity of one of history’s greatest philanthropists.  Others are gems established by people who wanted to honor their parents, friends, or communities.  The Ritter Public Library in Vermilion, Ohio, built through the generosity of  George Ritter, falls into that category.

The Ritter Public Library is housed in a beautiful structure with pink marble pillars and a classical facade.  Inside you will find a spacious, brightly lit place where readers can find new material, browse the internet, or enjoy a quiet moment with a favorite book.  How wonderful to have such a source, and resource, in your community!

In our modern world, philanthropists seem to have moved away from endowing physical structures in favor of creating funds that contribute money to medical research or work to promote justice or environmental interests.  There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but a place like the Ritter Library shows how bricks-and-mortar charitable gifts can make huge and ongoing contributions to communities.

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