A Perspective On Train Tracks

I’m drawn to train tracks.  I love the feel and look of the tracks, with their brightly gleaming steel rails and their heavy wood railroad ties on the rough gravel beds.  I love the railroad crossing gates, with their x-shaped railroad crossing sign, their clanging bells and flashing lights, and their striped crossing bars.  But most of all, I love standing at a crossing — after carefully making sure no trains are approaching from either direction, of course — and looking down the tracks.

Have you ever thought about how evocative train tracks are?  You can stand at a crossing in rural Ohio and look to the right or to the left and see the tracks disappear into the far distance, touching the horizon, a perfect study in artistic perspective.  It’s almost as if you can look into infinity — and infinity can be found either direction.

3 thoughts on “A Perspective On Train Tracks

  1. I remember an Art History class at OSU that had a term for this, the tracks going on for ever as you got closer. I should know that term. Or at least the 3rd time I took that course. Oh wait, I can say it Spanish


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