A Hound In The House

We’ve inherited a new dog at Webner House.  Her name is Kasey, and yesterday she came to Columbus to join Penny as part of the Webner Kennel Club.

Kasey’s back story is unclear.  She was retrieved from the Erie County Humane Society six months ago and served nobly as a companion for Kish’s Mom.  We’re not quite sure about her age; our best guess is that she is about seven years old.  She appears to have a lot of American Foxhound in her blood lines — which makes getting her around President’s Day particularly appropriate, because the American Kennel Club reports that George Washington bred American Foxhounds and loved the dog.

Although we don’t know much about Kasey’s life so far, we know from experience that she is a sweet, lovable, energetic pooch who is, unfortunately, prone to household accidents.  We’ll have to work on training her up to the high Webner House standards of conduct.  She’ll be sharing sleeping quarters with Penny, which should be an interesting arrangement.

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