Two-Dog Walking

Dogs, like people, move at different speeds.  If you don’t believe me, take Penny and Kasey on a walk some time.

Penny is like an ocean liner.  She typically moves in straight lines and at a steady pace.  Kasey is like a speedboat.  She darts in and out, back and forth, moving quickly from one momentary distraction to the other.  For every mile Penny and I walk, Kasey probably walks two.

Penny is a powerful dog.  When she sees a strange pooch, wants to check him out, and starts acting like the lead dog in the Iditarod — low to the ground, shoulder muscles bunched, rear legs straining — she’s not easy to restrain.  I need a heavy nylon leash to control her lunges during those encounters.  In comparison, Kasey seems lighter than air.  With her, I use a scrolling zip line leash with a stop button.  On our walks the feel of the line feeding out and whirring back in, as Kasey quick-steps from here to there, has become a familiar sensation.

With two dogs of different sizes, moving at different speeds and frequently in different directions, tangles become inevitable.  Detangling is complicated by the fact that you can’t let go of either leash.  The two options I’ve identified so far are the 360-degree spin — which I’m sure makes me look ridiculous to anyone watching from afar — and the behind-the-back leash-crossover hand-to-hand swap.  As a result, I not only log some exercise on our walks, but get to work on my balance and fine motor skills as well.

6 thoughts on “Two-Dog Walking

  1. I do the same with our Dolly (steam engine) & Simon (speedboat)! I always feel kind of clever when I execute the 360 without falling over. God forbid when one/both spy a squirrel!


  2. I have a daughter in veterinary school who has a fairly spirited dog – and she is also a proponent of the Gentle Leader head collar. My wife says there is a YouTube video showing you how to use the item ($10-$20). Good luck!


  3. Hey Bob – I’m having fun with the visual image of your 360 degree spin! Thanks so much for taking such good care of Kasey! Heidi


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