Those Annoyingly Chipper “Spring Ahead!” People

Yesterday I was going through the checkout line at Kroger when the disturbingly exuberant checkout lady piped:  “Remember to ‘spring ahead’ tonight!”

I understand that Daylight Savings Time requires us to adjust our clocks twice, at what seem to be increasingly random and ever changing points during the year.  Obviously, it’s something you need to be aware of, so you don’t show up an hour late for an important meeting on Monday morning.  But is it really something to be so darned chipper about?

My guess is that the people who gaily remind everyone to “spring ahead” are the same people who like being called “peppy.”  They probably were on the high school cheer squad and student council, voluntarily sat in the front row and then talked to the teacher after class, kept a detailed “secret diary,” and talked incessantly to their friends about their “pet peeves.”

Have you ever noticed that no random people you encounter during the day remind you to “fall back”?  That’s because the Chipper Brigade loathes the idea of spending an extra hour in bed and doesn’t want to dwell on it.  On the other hand, the “fall back” people aren’t going to bother you — they figure you’ll figure it out eventually, and in the meantime they just want to get some more sleep.

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