Sex (Boxes) In The City

Switzerland has a very robust voter referendum approach to democracy — and sometimes Swiss voters make interesting decisions.

Consider Zurich’s recent decision to construct so-called “sex boxes” on that city’s streets.  The “sex boxes” will consist of walled off parking spaces where prostitutes will be shielded from prying eyes and left free to practice the world’s oldest profession.  The proposal apparently was developed as a means of keeping streetwalkers away from Zurich’s tonier suburbs.

What a great concept!  A box on a city avenue is a perfect setting for intimate acts.  (Just ask anyone who has used one of those embarrassingly public sidewalk toilets found in some European cities.)  And the boxes will allow the Swiss johns not only to satisfy their evidently urgent need for urban intercourse, but also to get a brief taste of the homeless experience. You might even call it a two-fer.

One can only imagine how many streets in downtown Zurich are hoping they are selected as the location for these engines of commerce, which are certain to attract not only a high-class clientele who are likely to frequent existing local businesses before and after their trysts, but also the support personnel and friendly onlookers typically found around the sex trade.  “Sex boxes” used at random by local streetwalkers no doubt will be kept spotless and maintained in accordance with the highest hygienic standards by their very temporary residents.  And by using parking spots for the hooker shanties, city fathers will have also reduced oppressive parking congestion.

Coming soon, on a city street near you!


1 thought on “Sex (Boxes) In The City

  1. You’re in rare form today! Hooker shanties, excellent! Really a much catchier marketing phrase than the clinical “sex boxes”. Hooker shanties sounds like fun, sex boxes brings to mind a rubber glove… .

    Hygiene doesn’t loom large in this scenario. Are these disposable shelters, good for one trick only? Noise pollution may also be a concern, just sayin’.


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