Call Of The Links

As I’ve walked Penny and Kasey around the Yantis Loop recently, I’ve had the sensation that there are whispers in the unseasonably warm air that I’m not quite hearing.  It’s those capricious Golf Gods, I suspect.  They are enticing me with this spectacular weather and the constant strolls past golf holes that look lush and green and inviting.

“Hey,” the Golf Gods are saying, “it’s time for you to pick up a golf club for the first time in six months, take a few swings that will remind onlookers of a rusty gate thrashing back and forth in a stiff gale, hoist your bag onto your back, and then head out onto the links for another season of disastrous failure and miserable frustration!”  (You have to give the Golf Gods credit for their candor, at least.)

So, what can I do?  They are the Golf Gods, after all.  Our little Sunday group will be playing for the first time this weekend — weather and the Golf Gods permitting.

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