Tee-Pee Time

When the dogs and I left for our walk this morning, the tell-tale signs were visible to anyone who cared to look and let their inner teenager roam free.

A few stray gray cardboard tubes, of the kind we associate with only one product, were on the side of the street, where they clearly had been tossed by excited kids fleeing from the scene.  A few scraps of white had been blown onto green lawns.  And then we came upon it, in all its glory — the season’s first teepee job, on a house in the neighborhood.

Budding teepee activity is as much a sign of spring as crocuses.  Even the most mischief-making teen doesn’t teepee anyone during the cold winter months.  But when the weather is newly warm and bored kids are hanging out on a weekend night with nothing else to do, you can be sure that somebody will find some toilet paper, and then teepeeing becomes inevitable.

You can also be sure that, later today, grumbling parents at the target house will be trying to figure out how to get the white strands off the highest tree branches.

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