In Confederate Territory

Yesterday Kish and I went exploring the area around the Homestead and ended up at the Bath County Courthouse in Warm Springs, Virginia.

I guess I should have expected to see a monument to Confederate soldiers on courthouse square, just as you see monuments to Union soldiers on courthouse lawns in Ohio. Still, it was a bit jarring for a lifelong Northerner like me to see the statue, with the inscription “Lest We Forget” — erected in 1922, more than 60 years after the Civil War began. What was it, I wonder, that the people of Bath County of that day wanted to remember about that terrible conflict?

3 thoughts on “In Confederate Territory

  1. I spent a day in Richmond, VA. WOW! Confederacy shrine epicenter. There is the beautiful, yet tragic Monument Avenue. It is an epic shrine to Confederate generals and Jefferson Davis. Ironically, they have added a memorial to Arthur Ashe, a pathetic attempt to be “more inclusive.”


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