The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Every morning the old boring guy and Kasey and I go for our walk.  When that happens, Kasey runs all over the place.  She’ll go take a sniff by that tree, then race across the path to take a good whiff of a fire hydrant.  Of course, I can’t blame her for enjoying the great smells.

The problem is when Kasey goes behind me, and then races around in front of me.  When that happens, her blue leash usually gets stuck under my tail.  It ends up in a tender spot, if you catch my drift.  The movement of the leash across my rump really chafes back there, and I don’t like it.  When that happens, I do a dead stop until the old boring guy takes the leash from under my tail.

Other than that, I’m getting used to Kasey.  She’s not bad to have around.

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