A Twister’s Awesome Power

If you thought the movie Twister was an exaggeration, think again.  Dallas was hit by a huge storm earlier this week, and the footage of a tornado ripping through a truck stop and tossing trailers into the air like playing cards is pretty amazing stuff.

My sister Cathy has always been terrified of tornadoes.  Looking at this footage gives you a good understanding why.

2 thoughts on “A Twister’s Awesome Power

  1. This did it. This tornado and all the other twisters finally got to me. It’s the What IF thing. I got a offsite back up plan for my computer stuff. Yeah, Carbonite but that isn’t the only one out there. And this isn’t an ad either. It’s the ‘what if there was a twister….a fire….a robbery’ thing. This is serious doo doo. And obviously it can happen


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