A Man Armed With A Plunger Is Capable Of Just About Anything

From New York City comes the story of a 49-year-old man who tried, unsuccessfully, to rob a bank armed only with a toilet plunger.

The man entered the bank and threatened a teller with the plunger.  The teller apparently wasn’t all that threatened, the man fled, and was apprehended after a chase.  He was disarmed and then charged with attempted third-degree robbery.

This incident should come as no surprise.  Any guy who has been forced by grim circumstances to use a toilet plunger, thrusting away and staring down, looking for signs and swirling sounds of progress in completing his disgusting chore, is inevitably on the edge of reason.

And if the would-be bank robber had been engaged in repeated plunging exercises, thinking to himself as he did so that in his youth he never pictured himself as a 49-year-old engaged in such appalling pursuits, he might easily have fallen into the abyss.  In such desperate straits, it might have seemed that the only way out of his plunger hell was to rush to the nearest bank, brandishing his plunger, and demand enough money to avoid having to ever plunge again.

We should all show a little sympathy for the Plunger Robber.  There, but for the grace of a clogged toilet, could go you or I.

1 thought on “A Man Armed With A Plunger Is Capable Of Just About Anything

  1. I bet he gets three meals a day, clothes on his back, free tv and internet, and a place to live in jail until trial then once sentenced he continues to feast on the poorman’s retirement plan


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