A Car Wash Day

It’s a beautiful day today in New Albany.

The sun is shining, the temperature is in the high 70s, and the sounds of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and trimmers fill the sultry air.  My neighbors are hard at work, and I should be, too.

It’s a perfect day to wash your car — so I did.  Time to get out the bucket and fill it with soapy water, find the Windex, and haul the old diapers out of the rag pile.  (Nothing works on a car like old cloth diapers.)

Unfortunately, as I was mid-wash I realized that my only functioning hose is much too short to rinse down the car after the washing.  So, I cleaned out the inside, scrubbed the dead bugs and road grit off the front bumper and headlights, then stopped by our neighborhood car wash for the finishing touches and a much needed vacuum treatment for the flooring.

My car is now as clean as a whistle, which means only one thing — rain tomorrow.

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