Madmen In Every Corner Of The Globe

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people in Norway last summer, is on trial in Oslo.  Although he has admitted to the killings, he has pleaded not guilty to charges of mass murder and terror.

Today Breivik got a chance to explain his actions and his twisted motivation.  He bragged that he had carried out “the most spectacular and sophisticated attack on Europe since World War II.”  He said his ruthless killing of unarmed people at a youth camp was an act of goodness, not evil, and explained that he acted to defend Norway against immigration and multi-culturalism.  He thinks liberal ideas are ruining Norway — and apparently he thinks the appropriate response is to murder people in cold blood.

In short, Breivik is an evil lunatic.  His existence in a beautiful, peaceful country like Norway just means that you can find madmen everywhere.  I suppose it should be comforting, in a sense, that America doesn’t have a corner on crazed mass murderers — but it isn’t.  How many disturbed, dangerous people like Breivik are out there?

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