The Fabulous Jackson Square All-Stars

I’m in New Orleans for a conference.  Although I’ve been to other parts of Louisiana, it’s the first time I’ve visited the Crescent City.

I got in this afternoon and took a stroll to get my bearings and get some exercise, besides.  While walking past Jackson Square I heard the strains of some New Orleans jazz from a street group called the Jackson Square All-Stars.  They were awesome!  I was amazed by the quality of the playing and the tightness of the band as they rolled through classics like Little Liza Jane and seemed to have a very good time doing so.

So, I sat for a while, savoring the experience and the sunshine and the great music, and felt like I was an extra in a scene from Treme.

4 thoughts on “The Fabulous Jackson Square All-Stars

  1. OK, an unsolicited recommendation. Yes the Beignet at Café du Monde is a must, but if you want an amazing meal go to the Court of Two Sisters in the French quarter. It’s as old as time and the food is unbeatable. Try the turtle soup, a specialty of the house that is difficult to find elsewhere and can’t be beat. Damn, now I want Cajun food! Oh well, I guess I need to go to the store for my Gumbo supplies. Cheers, let me know how it goes.


  2. Don’t leave NOLA without a PoBoy, yum! There is nothing like crawfish and new potatoes, in that good spicy crawfish boil. I never had a disappointing meal while I lived there. If you get a chance take the trolley uptown.

    I am not simply envious WB, I am downright jealous.


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