Trying To Maintain That Force Of Habit

When I woke up today at the regular time for my regular morning walk, we were in the middle of a gully-washing thunderstorm.  So, my normal long stroll was cut short to a quick, furtive trip around the house amidst lightning flashes — just long enough to allow the frightened, shaking dogs to do their duty.

I hate it when a morning rainstorm prevents my walk.  I have lots of bad habits and precisely one good one — taking a long, healthy, fresh air-breathing, cobwebs-clearing walk in the morning with the pooches.  I’ve been on the road recently and haven’t done it for about a week, and now I’m stymied in doing so this morning.

I’m always worried that, if I don’t rigorously stick to the schedule, my lone good habit will vanish like a puff of smoke in a stiff breeze.  Bad habits always are hard to break, but good habits are hard to keep.  That’s because bad habits typically are fun and immediately rewarding, while good habits are neither.  It’s easy to roll over in bed in the morning, snooze a bit longer, and rationalize that a short walk is good enough.  Good habits need to be treated with the daily care and attention that you might give to a rare flower in your garden.

This morning I was up and ready to go, ready to let my good habit reassert itself, when the fates intervened.  Hey, Mother Nature:  how about a little cooperation here?

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