Definitely Worth Seeing !

If you have never been to Key West before most of the bars have local talent that performs daily and nightly. Sunday through Thursday from noon to four Ben Taddiken, sings and plays the guitar at Captain Tony’s on Greene St.

He plays a wide range of music from Patience by Gun’s n Roses to Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg and performs any and all requests. Not only does Ben have an excellent voice, but his charm, quick wit and sense of humor make his act a most enjoyable afternoon experience. So if your ever in Key West check him out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Into The Scary i-Real World Of The Future

If you like motor vehicles (and what red-blooded American doesn’t?) you probably take a greedy peek now and then at the concept cars the automakers unveil at the annual auto shows.

The Beijing auto show just ended — that’s right, Detroit, the Beijing auto show — and it featured the standard weird cars and high-heeling wearing models.  One of the concepts, Toyota’s i-Real electric vehicle, offered a chilling vision of what the decades to come might be like.

The vehicle itself is innocent enough.  It’s called an “electric personal vehicle,” and it’s like a cross between a wheelchair and a La-Z-Boy.  Controlled by two joysticks, it can reach a speed of 20 m.p.h.  It looks indecently comfortable and fun to tool around in, to boot.

Everyone who looks at the i-Real knows people who would love to have one and use it all day long.  They’d wake up in the morning, collapse into the i-Real, and zip off to the bathroom, then use it to get to the kitchen for a snack, then lounge in the i-Real all day, watching TV.  It’s like the plot of WALL-E has become reality!

Finally, a vehicle that appeals directly to the innate laziness of countless tubby modern Americans.  How can it not be fabulously successful?

Time to buy stock in Toyota.

Greetings from Key West

Well we landed in Key West during a torrential down pour at about twelve noon today, but the rest of the day turned out wonderful. Below is an afternoon view of Sunset Key from our hotel room and a picture of the sunset that occurred just a few minutes ago.

Thanks to Libby’s husband Ben we are staying at the Ocean Key Resort and Spa – what a beautiful place – everyone should stay here at least once in their lifetime !

The Avengers Tear Up Cleveland (Cont.)

The Avengers movie opens this weekend.  As I reported last summer, it was filmed, in part, in Cleveland, so I’m hoping it does well.

This trailer makes the movie look like must-viewing.  Samuel L. Jackson in an eye patch?  Awesome.  Robert Downey, Jr. reprising Iron Man, and getting into the obligatory, caused-by-a-mutual misunderstanding fight with Thor so we can see how evenly matched their powers are?  Even more awesome.  Scarlett Johansson in a tight-fitting black jumpsuit, looking to take out some dangerous supernatural foe with just a pistol?  Double awesome!  And a giant airborne slug-like creature tearing buildings to shreds in pursuit of Iron Man?  Most awesome of all.

Nothing says summer is here like a mindless action movie, and The Avengers will fit that bill nicely.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little summer.

Life’s Little Irritants

I think that a big part of being happy is learning to overlook life’s little irritants and focus on the good things.  Sometimes, though, that is easier said than done.

Last night, when I left work, the thunderous sounds of a motorcycle echoed through the multi-level concrete garage where I park.  Some Hell’s Angels wannabee was revving his bike as he slowly rode from deck to deck, and when he left he gave those of us walking to our cars a final ragged blast of deafening engine noise and exhaust fumes.  I guess we just needed to lose a few degrees of hearing acuteness to help the Easy Rider compensate for his apparent feelings of manly inadequacy.

On this morning’s walk I marveled at how many drivers switch on their bright lights just as they are passing by, leaving me to stumble into the approaching glare and step into an otherwise avoidable puddle.  It’s as if the day would not be complete without seizing the opportunity to blind the bespectacled guy trying to steer his dogs down the path.  And while I suppose the drivers might claim to be doing it for safety, it’s not as if we live on the edge of a cliff or on a twisting highway full of switchbacks.  It’s a well-traveled road through flat countryside, for crying out loud!

I know that, to achieve a zen-like state of contentment, I need to ignore such annoyances and the irksome behavior of thoughtless fellow inhabitants of the planet, but I’m a long way away from attaining such serenity.  Complaining about nuisances is the best I can manage right now — but it does make me feel better.