Time To Satisfy Your Summer Reading Jones

Sure, summer is great for activities — but it’s also great for reading.

Get a good book, stretch out on your patio furniture with a cool beverage, and read a little in the bright sunshine.  Or take your current paperback to a nearby park, sprawl on the cool grass under the leafy spread of a tree, and really get into the story.  Enjoy the sultry air as you reread a favorite novel and relish, anew, every beloved word.  Lose track of time and lose track of everyday cares as you lose yourself in a great story.

Central Ohio readers can start to get their summer reading jones on next weekend, when the Ohioana Book Festival rolls into town.  Events will be going on all week, and the Festival itself occurs on Saturday, May 12 at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center.  This year’s Festival will showcase nine featured authors and dozens more who will read from their creations and be available to sign books and talk about their work.

I’ll be there, somewhere, but don’t let that dissuade you!  The Ohioana Book Festival is a great time for Buckeye readers who want to stock up for those long, languid summer reading days — and nights.

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