It’s A Food Truck World

I worked hard at the Ohioana Book Festival today.  There was a big turnout, lots of books were purchased, and I helped to make sure that visitors who signed up for Ohioana information via email and spun a wheel got their prizes.

By the time my shift was over, I was a hungry camper.  Fortunately, the Ohioana folks had thoughtfully arranged for a rich menu of food trucks to satisfy those of us who might want to tie on the feedbag, waiting in a row just outside the entrance to the Festival.  And what terrific options!  Spinelli’s DeliPer ZootGreen MeaniePitabilities.  Jeni’s Ice Cream.  All getting raves for their food from ravenous bibliophiles.

I finally decided on Ajumama, which features Korean fare.  On the day before Mother’s Day, how could I not pick a place with “mama” in the name?

I had the Amdong Chicken, a mix of tender white and dark meat in a rich yet delicate sauce, served over some very tasty sweet potato noodles.  It was wonderful, and I ate every last morsel.  In fact, I would gladly have licked the bowl clean but for concern about public embarrassment.  If you get a chance, check Ajumama out — its appearance schedule is posted on Facebook and Twitter, and it appears regularly at the Hill’s Market in Worthington.  (I’m looking at you, Dr. Science.)

Food trucks are fabulous.  Take people whose dream is to cook and serve the food they love, put them on wheels, and let them move around Columbus, creating magical meals for the masses.

As the Ohioana Book Festival experience showed, Columbus’ food truck scene just keeps getting better and better.  This summer, we’ll be looking for the food trucks on weekdays in the vicinity of the Columbus Commons, to add a little spice to our humdrum workdays.  We’ll also be looking for a chance to grab some grub from Ajumama again — even if it isn’t Mother’s Day.

5 thoughts on “It’s A Food Truck World

  1. I didn’t have to worry about that – just never was a beer person. But I’m sure many others appreciated that quality.


  2. We would like to thank Jim Ellison, Food Fort Coordinator at The Economic and Community Development Institute , for all his hard work helping us bring local food trucks to the Ohioana Book Festival!


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