Kasey The Escape Artist

We’ve discovered that Kasey is the Harry Houdini of dogs.

We keep Penny and Kasey in crates overnight because I’m not keen on sleeping with dogs.  Kasey, however, has figured out how to get out of one of the crates.  This morning when I came down to take the dogs for our walk she was gone.  We did a full house search and found her upstairs, under the covers on Russell’s bed, sawing logs.

We’re not quite sure how she does it.  Perhaps she can flatten herself to extreme narrowness and wriggle through the bars.  Or maybe she can momentarily turn herself into a puff of smoke and waft her way to freedom.  Most likely, she gets free when the crate is not securely shut, and she’s learned how to lift up the bottom of the door until it opens.  However she does it, it shows she’s a smart cookie.

Although Kasey has shown real escape artist abilities, she’s not quite at the level of The Cooler King, the Steve McQueen character in The Great Escape.  One of the crates can still keep her in for the night — for now.  Like The Cooler King, she’s probably lying there at night, carefully working out her next great escape.

2 thoughts on “Kasey The Escape Artist

  1. Open cage. Plastic bat with a handle chewed into oblivion. It’s like a horror movie, but way more precious. And Steve McQueen is pretty badass, so that’s fine too.


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