Answering Andrew’s Request

Our bright and gifted nephew and godson, Andrew, put up a Facebook post stating that the David Brooks’ column The Age of Innocence in the New York Times was “great fodder for Webner House.”  I agree.

In fact, I’d like to try a kind of experiment with Andrew’s suggestion that we really haven’t done before — at least, not intentionally.  Anyone who reads our blog knows that the Webner House posters approach issues from very different parts of the political spectrum.  We frequently disagree on things, but try to do so reasonably and respectfully.  Therefore, I’d like to invite Richard, Russell, UJ, and Uncle Mack to post their own views on the David Brooks column, and then see what Andrew’s thoughts are in response.

As we move closer to the election, there undoubtedly will be other issues where we might want to take the temperature of our contributors, just to see how the far-flung branches of the Webner clan are reacting.  I think everyone, regardless of their political inclination, believes that this election will be a very important one.  Our little discussions can be like family talks at the kitchen table after dinner — except that our table will be the Webner House blog, accessible to anyone who is interested.  I’ll post my thoughts on the David Brooks column later tonight.

2 thoughts on “Answering Andrew’s Request

  1. I so enjoy this blog. I like the different viewpoints and the courtesy afforded to contributors as well as to your readers. It’s head and shoulders above the newspaper offerings.


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