The Styrofoam Curse

Kish bought a present for a friend from a mail order catalog retailer, and the present came in a box filled with those Styrofoam curlicues — the worst, most pernicious, packaging material ever devised by Satan.

Who else but Beelzebub would come up with packaging materials so lightweight, and so charged with static electricity, that they adhere to every surface and can never be easily discarded?  Had Dante lived in the modern world, he would have written of a lowest level of hell filled with these little man-made peanuts that cling to your skin and, if inadvertently rubbed together, emit an annoying high-pitched shriek calculated to drive even the hardened sinner to gibbering insanity.

Once spilled on the floor, these devilish objects will be with you always — a constant reminder that you should never again make a mail-order purchase.

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