Happily On The Cusp Of A Three-Day Holiday Weekend

The work week is done, and the three-day weekend is almost begun.

Is there any better feeling than to be on the cusp of a three-day holiday weekend?  Particularly when the three-day holiday weekend is Memorial Day, which means that summer is here?  Even more particularly when there is almost nothing scheduled for the weekend except golf and get-togethers with old friends?  And, most particularly of all, when the weather is supposed to be sunny and hot, well-suited to grilling and chilling?

The fabulous thing about the cusp of a three-day weekend is the enormous sense of possibility.  The three days yawn before us, ready to be filled however we desire.  Perhaps tomorrow morning we’ll do some outdoor reading, before it gets too warm.  Or we might stretch out on the outdoor lounge chair, listen to the birds, and doze in the shade of a tree.  Some time on the practice range might be in order, and staying up later than normal to watch movies sounds like fun.  The options are virtually limitless.

The three-day Memorial Day weekend is one of the greatest American inventions.

1 thought on “Happily On The Cusp Of A Three-Day Holiday Weekend

  1. While relaxing at our local health club’s pool during this time each year, we happy consider that it is Memorial Day, and not Labor Day, looking forward to summer activities, always highlighted with a big family get together at the beach. About 100 days from now, we will reconvene at the pool over Labor Day weekend and wonder how the summer passed so quickly (once again).

    Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday weekend to all.


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