My New Camera

Nothing says “summer” and impending travel quite like buying a new camera.

My old digital camera was a Sony Cyber-shot.  It was a good camera, about three years old, but it developed a smudge spot on the interior of the lens that I could not fix.  Rather than paying somebody about as much as I spent on the camera in the first place to try to remedy the problem, I stopped using the Cyber-shot and for the last few months have been relying on my iPhone instead.  The iPhone camera is fine, and handy in a pinch, but it doesn’t have much zoom capability and some of the other features you want in a good digital camera.

We’ll be on the road a bit over the summer, including my first-ever trip to the Pacific Northwest and a visit to Maine, and I want to have a good camera to record our adventures.  Today I bought one.  After some advance research and careful consideration, I settled on the Canon PowerShot SX260 HS.  It fell into my price range (about $300, with memory card), is supposed to be sturdy and reliable, and has the increased zoom focus and other features I want.  Much as I like taking pictures — and I do, so much so that Kish enjoys kidding me about it — I really don’t have the photographic ability, or the bank account, to justify spending more than a few hundred dollars on a digital camera.

I owned Canons in the film camera days of yore, and I was always happy with them. With my new gadget, I feel a bit like a kid with a new toy.

6 thoughts on “My New Camera

  1. WB, I have the 4x optical zoom and I most pleased by it. If you and Kish will be in Maine this summer and you tell me what part of the state you’ll be visiting I may be able to make some must see/eat recommendations.


      • WB, you two will have so much fun! Be sure to pack light rain jackets in case of fog/rain. If you will be on the coast I can make loads of recommendations. Hooray for you!


  2. I’ve had the 2 PowerShot SD780 IS’s. Accidentally, stepped on the first one. OPPS! These little Cannons are great!


    • I’m glad to hear that you have had a good experience with them. I think picking out an appropriate camera is a challenging task, and your views make me think I made a reasonably good decision.


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