The Fearsome Bunny Hunters Of New Albany

This spring the budding flowers and vegetable garden greenery of New Albany look much less chewed than in the past.  Knowledgeable observers attribute the change to the fearsome bunny-hunting team of Kasey and Penny.

Rabbits throughout the neighborhood cower in fear when this formidable pair steps outside on their latest expedition.  They know that the crafty Penny has devised a diabolical plan to snare any unwary hare.  They know that it is only a matter of time before the finely honed tracking instincts of the hunters locate any nearby rabbit and then fix the bunny with a penetrating stare that seemingly can last for hours.  After the creature is hopelessly mesmerized, the pair employ their patented lunge technique, hurling themselves at the cowering cottontail with murderous intent until they strain at the end of their leashes.  Although the lunge breaks the spell and allows the reprieved rabbit to scamper away, the sight of the advancing dogs sends provokes an unmistakable bolt of fear that leaves the lucky lapin vowing to never again enter the hunters’ domain.

Even when the hunters are inside, their terrifying indoor woofing causes any hare that might stray into view to bolt, without risking even a nibble at the tender shoots of a tasty zinnia.

Yes, there’s a reason why the bunnies of New Albany are even more timid than your normal rabbit.

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