May You All Be As Fortunate As I (on wedded bliss)

Corinne and I just returned from dinner at a favorite restaurant where we celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary.  An amazing occurrence and yet another longevity landmark in the family history.  We agree that we do not know where the time went.  For me, sharing the time with someone you love and respect erases all consideration of time.  It could have been that we met just yesterday except for certain observable facts, such as having three children in their 40’s. 

I cleverly married a woman who is the smartest person I have ever known.  Not only is she smart, but she is kind and generous to a fault.  Oh, and did I mention that she is beautiful?   The combination of these things made those 48 years pretty easy for me. 

The real reasons we have stayed together for these years, though, are due to her.  Not just her brilliance or her beauty (though maybe those too)  but her tolerance, forgiveness and  sense of what is important.   I can recall waking on certain Sunday mornings ruing my actions of the previous night and asking her “what stupid things did I say or do last night”?  Her response was: “why do you think you are important enough that anyone cares what you said or did?”  And that ended the discussion, salved my need for self flagellation and she would not again raise the subject.  

Moreover, she was truly “the wind beneath my wings” as the song title goes.  But for her encouragement, I would likely not have received the degrees I have and I would not have had whatever modicum of success I had in my career.  She never held back when I found what I thought to be better job opportunity, even though it meant moving from one state to another.  She willingly put her studies on hold for a year when we concluded that we should move to start my own practice.  She then went on to get her law degree while rearing our three children to be the wonderful people they are and all while providing me with the support I needed to create a successful practice. 

We have been very, very fortunate and I particularly so.  Our relationship has grown and strengthened over the years.   She is my best friend.  My one true love.   I can only wish for all who are married and read this the same joy that the last 48 years have brought me.  


2 thoughts on “May You All Be As Fortunate As I (on wedded bliss)

  1. LOVELY! Congratulations on having the impeccable taste and good sense to marry the right woman. Aunt Corrine is wise. I suspect that she has many good reasons for keeping you around all this time. Happy wishes to you both!


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