Beat The Reds (And Avenge Ray Fosse)!

The Tribe has played a few inter-league games so far this year, but the blood-and-guts games really start tonight, when the Tribe squares off against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ballpark.  I’m hoping that the Indians beat the snot out of the Cincinnati squad.

I’ve always disliked the Reds due to one incident:  Pete Rose’s decision to bowl over the Indians’ Ray Fosse in the 1970 All-Star Game.  Rose scored the winning run and added to his legend as a tough, all-out player, and in the process he wrecked Fosse’s shoulder.  Fosse — who was my favorite player — was never the same again.  I recognize that players will play to win, but I always thought Rose’s decision to smash into Fosse, rather than trying to slide, was a grandstand play that had no place in an all-star game.

I suppose Rose got his comeuppance when his gambling habits got him banned from baseball, but I still like to see the Tribe avenge Ray Fosse and spank the Redlegs whenever they play.

This year the games between the teams should be  a pretty even match-up.  The teams sport identical 32-27 records and are both in the thick of the races for the lead in their respective divisions.  The all-time series is pretty even, too, with the Tribe leading 39-36.  Let the Battle For Ohio begin!

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