The Comments Function, Free Speech, And Point/Counterpoint

Some bloggers disable the comments function on their blogs; I haven’t.  I think comments make our little blog more interesting, and I’m a big believer in free speech.  If someone wants to strongly disagree with one of my posts, and takes the time to write down their views, I’m happy to provide them with a forum — provided that their response stays within the broad range of decency.

If you read many popular blogs or opinion pieces on the internet, you quickly realize that comments often devolve into personal attacks rather than presenting any form of persuasive argument.  I think such comments — whether made from the conservative or liberal perspective — reflect mostly on the commenter.  Such attacks remind me of the classic Point/Counterpoint segment on the original Saturday Night Live, like this timeless treatment of the abortion debate.

4 thoughts on “The Comments Function, Free Speech, And Point/Counterpoint

  1. I had forgotten all about this. It has stood the test of time, still laughing after all these years.

    I know I shouldn’t have commented on a comment but it just made me impetuously crazy, which I realize is no excuse. As usual, you have demonstrated superlative civility. My humble apologies.

    You’re a good egg, WB.


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