Moving On

Friday was Kish’s final day in her position as assistant to the headmaster of the Columbus Academy.

In her last weeks on the job she was hugged by many, feted by her friends, and featured in a blurb and photo appearing on page 3 of the June 2012 edition of Academy Life.  At a recent end-of-the-year event, many people came up to talk to us about how much she will be missed.  It was obvious that their comments were heartfelt and sincere — and not just because of the peanut M&Ms mentioned in the article linked above.  It embarrasses her to have anyone compliment her about her work, but there’s no question that she was great at her job, and that her shoes will be hard for her successor to fill.

Kish and I are at the age where many of our friends and relatives have been transitioning. Now she is the one who gets to move on to a new chapter.  It’s not retirement, it’s a new phase — and at the outset I’m hoping she’ll do lots of reading and relaxing and enjoy some richly deserved leisure time.

4 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Kish did a fantastic job…she made my interactions with the Academy much more efficient and enjoyable. She will truly be missed. Best wishes in the next phase, Kish!


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