Blue Hill, Maine, July 3, Low Tide

This is the very pretty view the front porch of our cottage offered this afternoon, of a sun-dappled bay, blue water, and a brilliant white boat moored at low tide.

2 thoughts on “Blue Hill, Maine, July 3, Low Tide

  1. Yay! A word of advice- fireworks in Bar Harbor tomorrow night will be spectacular BUT it will take hours to get out of Bar Harbor and off the island. Another word to the wise- pancakes at Jordan’s restaurant on Cottage Street in Bar Harbor is a bad idea, the pancakes are heavy and tasteless. A better choice would be Eat-A-Pita in Southwest Harbor if you are planning to go to the island OR Morning Glory on Rodick Street in Bar Harbor, both places have very yummy items the former is a restaurant and the latter is a bakery that has excellent quiche too and is not at all fru-fru; both places use the freshest ingredients. Wishing you the best for a splendid time!


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