Steamers And Beer

One of the great things about Maine is the abundance of absolutely fresh, succulent seafood and shellfish options that you can find on just about any restaurant menu.

Consider, for example, the enticing combination of steamed clams — i.e., “steamers” — and draft beer.  I first developed a taste for steamers and beer when I worked at Alpine Village in Lake George, New York in the summer of 1976.  It’s the perfect after-work bar food combination.  A plate of piping hot steamed clams and bowls of drawn butter and clam broth are put in front of you.  You fish the clams out of their shells and dunk them in the broth and butter, chew and swallow, and wash it all down with cold brew.  The shells then get casually tossed into a refuse bowl.  The process is a bit sloppy and a lot of fun.

These kinds of local food options makes a visit to Maine special.  You can’t get clams and beer in Columbus.  A platter of steamers, some draft Shipyard summer ale, and a Red Sox game on the bar TV lets you know you’re not in Ohio anymore, Toto.

2 thoughts on “Steamers And Beer

  1. Be sure to indulge in some fried clams too. The “clam strips” one finds in the Midwest are unacceptable; the bellies make the dish.


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