Blue Hill Booster

Kish is a Maine aficionado.  Whenever we are planning a trip down east, she does lots of research and always picks great places to visit.

This year, I think she outdid herself by choosing Blue Hill.  I liked everything about it — from the distinctive town hall, pictured above, to the excellent library, to the uncrowded, non-touristy feel of the community.  We had fabulous dinners at Arborvine and the Blue Hill Inn, great steamers and steamed lobster at 66 Steak & Seafood, and excellent lobster rolls at the Fishnet.  The community also features live musical performances, lots of water, pretty old homes, a music academy, a very cool co-op grocery store, and a convenience store that sold good quality cigars.  What more could you want in a vacation destination?

Oh, yes — while we were there the temperature stayed in the 60s and 70s, while the rest of the country was struggling with 100-degree heat.  I suppose that’s worth mentioning, too.

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