Cowman’s New Handle

For a decade, the mascot of the Ohio State Fair has been a spotted Holstein called, simply, “Cowman.”

I admired the straightforward nature of the name.  The moniker told you everything you needed to know about the character.  It was just some guy — probably a teenager looking to make a few bucks during the summer break — walking around in a cheesy looking cow costume, getting his picture taken with Fair food-stoked kids at the behest of their doting parents.  Man + cow costume = Cowman.  Never mind that cows are, by definition, female, so that “Cowman” is a complete non sequitur.

This year the Fair organizers decided to have a Facebook contest to come up with a “better” name for Cowman.  The winning entry was “Butters.”  It’s not a bad name, with its dairy reference and its nod to South Park.  It’s definitely better than other possible options, like Elsie or Milkwad McCheese.  But I’ll miss the brutal simplicity of “Cowman.”  “Butters” just isn’t the same.

The Ohio State Fair is underway, incidentally, and runs through August 5.

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