Freedom Of Movement

Often we Americans take our easy, seemingly limitless freedoms for granted.  I was considering that reality this week, as I bounced on the springy seat of a rental truck and we moved Richard from Chicago to Columbia, Missouri.

We rented a 10-foot truck from Budget Rental Car Company that was perfect for our needs and reasonably priced.  We plopped down our credit card, dealt directly with the friendly woman (with two office dogs!) at one of Budget’s Chicago outlets, drove the truck away, immediately loaded it ourselves, and then steered the truck onto superhighways that allowed us to drive the hundreds of miles separating the two cities in a few hours.  We unloaded Richard’s stuff in a Columbia apartment he arranged through the internet and were done in one day.

We didn’t need to get governmental approval for our rental or Richard’s move.  We weren’t required to hire designated movers to load the truck or drivers to drive it.  We didn’t need to buy a special operator’s license, or slip a corrupt government bureaucrat a few bucks to get on our way.  We didn’t pay tolls to use those well-paved, safely designed superhighways.  Richard didn’t have to register for housing and then wait months until a unit opened up.  All of those things that didn’t happen might easily be required in many of the nations of the world.

But not here.  One family, one truck, one hard day’s work and driving, and a move of hundreds of miles goes off without a hitch.  It’s just one reason why this is a great country.  We shouldn’t forget that.

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