My Pen Pal, Mitt Romney

Over the years, Kish and I have contributed to the campaigns of candidates from both parties.  As a result, virtually every day we get fundraising literature from one candidate or another who is looking for a buck.

Lately my top pen pal has been Mitt Romney.  Say what you will about the guy, but he is persistent.  I’d bet that he’s sent me more than a dozen letters — including two big envelopes that enclosed a large photo of Mr. Romney, clad in jeans, hands in hip pockets, smiling face turned skyward, standing in front of a barn with an American flag painted on the side.  I’m sure the Romney campaign hopes that it’s the kind of inspiring photo that makes you reflexively reach for your wallet and make foolishly large contributions.

And it’s not just a contribution they’re looking for, either.  One of the letters enclosed a “Personal Reply to Mitt Romney” that not only allows you to make a contribution, but also includes the following statement:  “Yes, Mitt!  You will make an excellent President and I am honored to join your team.”

Whoa, there, Big Fella!  I’ve been voting long enough to reserve judgment on the excellence of a President until after he’s been elected and made some of the hard decisions that are part and parcel of the job.  And what’s with this notion of me being “honored” to join Mitt’s team?  Even if I were inclined to contribute to Romney’s campaign, I wouldn’t feel “honored” by the opportunity to write a check in response to a mass fundraising appeal.  Shouldn’t he be “honored” if I were to decide to make a contribution?

Romney’s fundraising appeals are no more silly or annoying than the letters we’ve received from other politicians, including President Obama.  And although they clog our mailbox, at least we can take comfort in the fact that my pen pal’s persistent appeals — all of which are sent with “presorted standard” USA stamps — might help the Postal Service avoid another one of those record deficits.

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