A Proud Day For Columbus, And For Parents Everywhere

Columbus has a lot to be proud about.  It’s the state capital, it’s the home to one of the nation’s largest, and finest, universities as well as a number of Fortune 500 companies, and it is one of the few growing cities in the Midwest.  Now we can also proudly say that we are home to a kid who played video games for at least four straight days and had to be hospitalized for dehydration as a result.

What a tribute to the family values, careful parenting, and common sense that have made our city such a fine place to live!  Fifteen-year-old Tyler Rigby locked himself into his room for four days to engage in a Modern Warfare 3 marathon, leaving his room only to use the bathroom and eat.  Eventually he left his room and collapsed due to dehydration.  His mother — who apparently didn’t do anything to stop Tyler’s ludicrous video game marathon — said she was worried he was going to die.  Fortunately, he’s been filled with fluids and is expected to be okay.

Yes, it’s a proud day for Columbus, and for attentive parents everywhere.

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