Richard’s New Beat

Starting this week, Richard is reporting for the Columbia Missourian.  The newspaper’s website has the first two pieces he’s written:  an article on a painting selected to serve as Columbia’s annual commemorative poster and a news story on arrests made in the robbery of a Domino’s delivery driver.

We’re proud of Richard and think it’s cool that he’s been published already, but I’m also glad to see the kind of articles he’s written.  A lifestyles feature story and a “police beat” report on an arrest are bread-and-butter pieces for any professional journalist.  Learn to write those stories well — using the “inverted pyramid” in which the most important facts are put up front, remembering the need to answer the “5 Ws and an H”  (who, what, where, why, when, and how) in your article, checking your quotes and sources, proofreading, and editing so that every unnecessary word hits the cutting room floor — and you can write just about anything.  Just thinking about it makes me want to grab a notepad and sprint to the nearest newsroom.

I won’t post about every article Richard writes, but if you’re interested in following his work, the Missourian has a searchable website that can be found here.

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