Dreaming Of Castles

I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did I think one of the items would be spending the night in a castle — a real, honest-to-God, moat and drawbridge, turrets and keeps castle.

It turns out that it’s not that tough to do.  There are a number of castles in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and other European countries where you can spend a night, for a price.  And some of them apparently come complete with ghosts dressed in period costumes, at no extra charge.  Consider Parador de Cardona, pictured with this post, where construction began in 1020 — 1020! — and Room 712 is reportedly haunted by a leotard-wearing spirit.

How cool would it be to be sitting before a roaring fire in a castle’s great room, sipping a fine ale or perhaps a good, hearty mead as you admire the tapestry covering the stone walls and the vaulted wooden ceilings far overhead, and then seeing some knightly apparition drifting past?

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