That Nutty Uncle Joe

Most of us have an older member of the family, male or female, who says weird and embarrassing things at inopportune times.  We roll our eyes, feel a flush of mortification iwhen they talk around our friends, but tolerate them because they are a member of the family.

America, meet Uncle Joe Biden.

Uncle Joe has been on quite a roll lately.  Whether it’s lapsing into an odd quasi-Southern dialect and talking about people being put in chains, or confusing the state or even century he’s in, Biden has been reaching new standards of battiness.  He’s like that nutty relative at a big family gathering, saying increasingly outrageous things in the desperate hope that someone will finally pay attention to him.

I think Joe Biden is probably starting to slip a bit, and he didn’t have a lot of marbles to begin with.  He’s harmless, I think, and probably doesn’t realize that his crackpot comments aren’t doing anything other than causing most objective people to wonder whether he’s totally lost it.  Of course, nobody expects him to say anything particularly insightful — we just hope he doesn’t drool on anyone or cause a diplomatic incident by making some bizarre and inappropriate comment at the next overseas funeral he’s sent to attend.

Uncle Joe, isn’t it past your bedtime?

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