Brooklyn Is Cool

Russell lives in Brooklyn these days, and we’ve enjoyed visiting him there.  It’s just a cool place — and now its coolness is being recognized.

A recent USA Today article describes Brooklyn as the “new bohemia.”   I’m glad to see this borough get some positive PR, because I think it’s a neat, artsy place, with lots of ethnicity and age about it.  It’s also a big place, geographically, with great parks and great restaurants, too.  We’ve been to a wonderful bistro called Traif that had fabulous, small plate offerings, as well as a fine dark, quiet bar called Dram.  And, in prior visits, I’ve gone to Peter Luger for great steaks.

So, I’m not surprised that Brooklyn is now being recognized as a cool, bohemian place.  In the Webner family, we’ve known that for some time now.  After all, Russell lives there, doesn’t he?

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Is Cool

  1. I am pea green with envy, WB. Your kids are so interesting.
    I love that Russell is an artist. There was a link that had some of his work, last winter I think, and it was MOST impressive.


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