Damn The Political Ads, Bring On The Season!

Yesterday morning, as I walked the dogs, through my sleep-addled brain I dimly sensed something — like a familiar smell you can’t quite identify, or a music that is just a bit too far out of earshot.  And then I realized:  it’s almost football season!

About time, too.  The Tribe has crashed and burned; there’s no point in watching their death throes.  Browns preseason games, featuring Bernie Kosar’s gravelly insider observations on “skinny post” routes and other minutiae, don’t quite fill the bill, either.  And in “Battleground Ohio,” we need some new broadcasting where the non-stop political attack ads can be run.  Anything that might distract us from the political ads would be welcome.

That means it’s time for the Ohio State Buckeyes to step up to the plate.  With a new coach in Urban Meyer and a largely new staff, a new offensive scheme and focus on speed, and a defense that should be rugged, the Buckeye Nation has high hopes that the Scarlet and Gray can bounce back from last year’s sorry, scandal-plagued season.  We yearn to see this team restore Ohio State to its rightful place atop the Big Ten and the national rankings, crushing all opposition and thrashing the upstart Wolverines in the last game of the season.

And The Game against That Team Up North will be the last game of the season, because Ohio State is banned from the Big Ten championship game or any post-season bowl this year.   That’s okay — we’ll just be focused on the season itself, and playing some good, solid football.

I’m going to be watching with interest, even if it means having to endure some more of those appalling political ads.  It’s just the price you pay to be a faithful member of Buckeye Nation.

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